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How it works


Set up your Wallet

Once you’ve set up your wallet of choice, connect it to the marketplace. You can then see your assets and tokens listed and added to your wishlist


Create your Collection

Click Create and set up your collection. Add social links, a description, profile & banner images, and set a secondary sales fee.


Add your NFTs

Upload your work (image, video, audio, or 3D art), add a title and description, and customize your NFTs with properties, stats


List them for Sale

Choose between auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings. You choose how you want to sell your NFTs!

Realtime bids

Live Auctions

Put NFTs for auction

Choose the time duration and put your NFTs for auction. Enjoy the bidding wars

Bid on NFTs

Offer and compete with other buyers for popular NFTs. Bids of supremacy

Modify bids

Changed your mind? Do not worry. You can counter offer as well